Through St Anne, the mother of Mary, it is our way of imploring her to help us bring our children and young people to see, Jesus, our Lord and Saviour.
To Jesus through Mary!
St Anne’s hopes to promote the MARIAN dimension of our Christian Identity: ‘Mary as the Mother of God, Mother of the Church and Mother of us all!’ Naming the school in Anne’s honour is therefore our way of recognising Mary’s role in our Christian life and in our school. In fact, Mary was the FIRST TEACHER of Our Lord. Like Him, being God ’s children, we are being schooled
by Mary.

Naming our new Parish school is our fiat (Anne, as too did Mary, said Yes to God’s call) to our Lord’s invitation to us to ‘let the children come to me for to them belongs the kingdom of God!’
Fr Joven Lustre 
Parish Priest 2016

Being our Blessed Mother’s mother, she must be the most significant grandmother in history. Of course, the new school is not about grandparents but to name it for a grandparent allows an emphasis to be placed upon a particular need that children have. As is well known, children often absorb from their grandparents what is resisted from parents. Chiefly, our children need from the adults around them the example of faith as real, as lived and as relied upon in the sometimes scary business of getting through life. I like to think of Jesus as having absorbed something from his grandmother... maybe she was just ‘around’ like so many grandparents are, being an example of trust in God. We hope Catholic schools do likewise. 

Fr Joe Taylor
Parish Administrator 2017