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St Anne’s College is a Catholic Educational community open to all and to the many possibilities that learning presents.

At the core of our being is our commitment to our Catholic faith in dialogue with others. As we learn from each other, we hope to create a peace filled world where all are respected, cared for and can live safe and fulfilling lives.

Learners at St Anne’s, child or adult, are valued as competent and dynamic citizens of the world.  A world that calls all to be the best we can be, where we are free to wonder, explore and inquire.

At St Anne’s we will foster the individual as we work together in being a creative, successful and hope filled community, valuing diversity and respecting individualism.  In celebrating and embracing diversity, we value the gift each person brings and contributes to creating a culture of inclusion, wellness and open mindedness.

Through a commitment to faith, in our combined wisdom, St Anne’s learning community will provide challenging and enriching experiences that will be engaging, practical and real-life, allowing all to flourish and be happy.

Nothing without joy: Loris Malaguzzi

Click here for the Year 9 Information Night video.

Buses 2024

Please find below the Bus Routes that will be arriving or departing from St Anne's College in 2024. All other bus Routes can be obtained from the Greater Shepparton Secondary College website via the following link: 

Additional College-provided private Jacobson's morning charter bus:

The College has engaged a private charter service with Jacobson's to collect late arrival/country bus students from the McGuire/GoTafe interchange at 8:43am before its final stop at St Anne's College. For further information about this service, visit 

Learning and Teaching

“Inquiry Learning encourages learners to examine the complexity of the world and form concepts and generalizations instead of being told simple answers to complex problems.” Kath Murdoch: The Power of Inquiry (2015)
“School is not a place only to transmit culture but to create it, to encourage critical thinking, creativity and relationship. No longer can schools simply be reproducers of knowledge. They are places where children and adults construct knowledge and their understanding of the world together.”  Carla Rinaldi: Re-imaging childhood – the inspiration of Reggio Emilia education principles in South Australia. (2013)
“If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original.” Sir Ken Robinson


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